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TrueVoice is a vocal development program for the trans and non-binary community that utilizes musical instruction and technique to access and introduce new aspects of a person's voice, to illuminate possibility and create room for new habits as applied to a speaking voice that aligns more closely with one's self-identified gender. Safely, conscientiously, completely. Truly.


We use our voice every day of our lives, even before we could speak. The habits that usage has created - some intentional, some unintentional - are tough to get around, especially in the context of creating a voice that affirms gender identity and presents a gender other than that assigned at birth.

Music, however, is processed and produced in different ways than speech in our brains. For most people, musical vocal production is much less familiar, more vulnerable, more apt for experimentation, and so is a wonderful tool - with the right instruction - to discover aspects of your voice you never knew. Aspects that may hold the key to transitioning the gender presentation of your voice without losing your identity in the process; aspects that can unlock your true voice. 

It's your instrument, and you have a right to all of it.

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