TESTIMONIALS for truevoice

Ryland has taught me how to make lasting changes to my voice that have made a huge difference in my life… He has an amazing ear and can hear things about my voice that I don’t even know how to put into words. We worked over a period of several months and he was a truly wonderful teacher, not only in terms of the work we did during the lessons but also his kindness, compassion and nurturing were equally important in helping me make the changes. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               - Sonja B., private client

I needed someone that could help me evolve my rusty technique to gain vocal power while going thru FTM hormone therapy… He also understands that my voice is going thru changes, so everything is done in a healthy way, pushing forward my knowledge and practice while making it a safe transition!

Ryan F., private client

feedback from truevoice participants

at Trans*Lounge, Los Angeles LGbt center

"The class gave me a better understanding of my feminine voice."

"I loved coming to class.

Ryland was so sweet and playful with everyone in the class and effective in presenting the material in a way that people truly improved." 

"Ryland has a gift for listening and creating an environment that's both fun and comfortable."

"Ryland is a wonderful, talented and entertaining teacher and he clearly is a super ally of trans peeps."

"What I've taken away from this is: better self esteem, better mental/physical health, and literally 'having a voice' to speak up with."
"It's amazing to have access to such a skilled teacher and thoughtful approach - this course would be worth hundreds of dollars!"

"... the more people that learn about these tools, the better."


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