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TESTIMONIALS for truevoice

Ryland has taught me how to make lasting changes to my voice that have made a huge difference in my life… He has an amazing ear and can hear things about my voice that I don’t even know how to put into words. We worked over a period of several months and he was a truly wonderful teacher, not only in terms of the work we did during the lessons but also his kindness, compassion and nurturing were equally important in helping me make the changes. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        - Sonja B., Los Angeles, CA


Working with Ryland in my voice made me be more confident not only with my voice but with myself too. We were far apart but online classes weren't a problem for him, he has amazing hearing skills, he'd know exactly where i was resonating and that helped a lot for my process. I found myself waiting anxiously to the next class cause i felt that in each one i learned a lot and gained confidence. I never felt uncomfortable during his classes because he's such a good teacher, and cheers you up with his kind words. Totally recommended.

- Max D., Santiago, Chile  


I needed someone that could help me evolve my rusty technique to gain vocal power while going thru FTM hormone therapy… He also understands that my voice is going thru changes, so everything is done in a healthy way, pushing forward my knowledge and practice while making it a safe transition.

Ryan F., Los Angeles, CA  

feedback from truevoice participants

at Trans*Lounge, Los Angeles LGbt center

"The class gave me a better understanding of my feminine voice."

"I loved coming to class.

Ryland was so sweet and playful with everyone in the class and effective in presenting the material in a way that people truly improved." 

"Ryland has a gift for listening and creating an environment that's both fun and comfortable."

"Ryland is a wonderful, talented and entertaining teacher and he clearly is a super ally of trans peeps."

"What I've taken away from this is: better self esteem, better mental/physical health, and literally 'having a voice' to speak up with."
"I learned more about vocal training in 2 days than I have in months of one on one voice lessons."

"... the more people that learn about these tools, the better."

As a founder and program manager of the Trans* Lounge at the Los Angeles LGBT Center; I’ve seen lots of classes come and go but one of the most impactful classes I have ever seen for the trans and non-binary communities has been the TrueVoice program and the amazing work of Ryland Shelton.


I have watched Ryland develop this vital programming from the very early stages and I can’t begin to tell you how impactful his classes are on our community. Voice training for Trans/ENBY people is such a powerful tool to helping them overcome dysphoria; yet these services are often inaccessible. Ryland brings an innovative and engaging energy to the class as he shares the tools and technique our members need to find empowerment and peace in their presentation. It’s often a struggle for a cis ally in a Trans/ENBY space, but Ryland is so kind and makes sure that each and every one of his students feel safe and respected. That sets the tone for ground-breaking work that he is doing to help trans and non-binary folks be their best and most authentic selves by showing them how to find the vocal range to fit who they are.


I adore Ryland and the TrueVoice program. He has done wonders for the Trans* Lounge members and our program in general. 


Gina Bigham

Program Manager, Trans* Lounge

Los Angeles LGBT Center​

I have had the unique privilege of working with Ryland and the TrueVoice program in more than one capacity, both as a student and now as a part of Trans* Lounge where I am a part of scheduling and developing the classes.


When I first became a participant in Ryland’s TrueVoice program, I was scared to be there. I had very mixed feelings about the way my voice sounded, and I was not very familiar with what my voice was capable of. From the beginning, Ryland instilled a gently welcoming and enthusiastic environment in the room. Even though I was scared, I knew I could trust Ryland and the space to be kind to me, and that made it possible for me to push myself and learn more. Working with my voice wasn’t easy for me, it often felt vulnerable and unfamiliar. But Ryland kept a consistent patience with me as I tried to learn and explore. By the end of the class I had a completely different understanding of my voice, and of how I was using it, and of how I could use it – and I’m very grateful for that.


Now that I’m in a position to see others experiencing the class, I can see what Ryland is accomplishing on a different scale. The care, safety and welcoming energy that Ryland does so well has an impact on everyone who comes through. The approach of coming at one’s voice through singing – for many folx – makes very personal work a little bit more fun and accessible; a little less like work a little more like play. And that is something we could all use more of.


Thank you,

Ash Nichols (they/them)

Cultural Arts Program Specialist

Los Angeles LGBT Center

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