Two-Day Seminars for Trans*Feminine, Trans*Masculine and

Non-Binary Participants at One Iowa

April 2019

Truevoice: Trans*masculine -Trans*Lounge at the

los angeles LGBT Center

sessions ongoing

(since may 2018)

Rounding out the curriculum offerings for the TrueVoice program, the Trans*Masculine cycle debuted at Trans*Lounge in May 2018, in concurrence with another cycle of the Trans*Feminine program. Both classes booked to enrollment capacity and are rated highest of all courses offered at Trans*Lounge. Waiting lists for both programs continue to grow, and plans are to bring each 6-week course back at least once more within calendar year 2018. 

Truevoice: Trans*Feminine -Trans*Lounge at the

los angeles LGBT Center

sessions ongoing

(since february 2018)

TrueVoice was given its first group class environment opportunity at Trans*Lounge, the nation's foremost transgender community support and education program housed in the Los Angeles LGBT Center's The Village at Ed Gould Plaza. Trans*Lounge itself has approximately 1,000 participants and the first cycle of the class booked to capacity within 24 hours of being released for enrollment. 

private client sessions

since september 2017

TrueVoice was created to address a need Ryland saw to equip the trans community with a new means of access to the voice, and, so, to a means of fuller expression in the world. Contemporary society has plenty of opportunities for trans people to be seen  - in movies, on television, on runways and with increasing visibility in everyday life. But it's not enough to be seen. Their stories need to be heard, person to person. And confidence in one's voice - confidence that your voice represents truth, self, identity - is essential to getting those stories out into the world. 

Ryland has been teaching this curriculum privately since the program's inception in September of 2017. 


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